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SANS: Add LOQ Mantid/COLETTE systemtests

Reported by: Anders Markvardsen Owned by: Peter Parker
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Add LOQ Mantid/COLETTE systemtests around data Steve emailed a little while back.

Gesner the data Steve too big to add to this ticked hence have emailed them separately.

Note once added, make a note of these on http://www.mantidproject.org/SANS_SystemTests

The data below are from Cycle 11/2.

Steve created the add files described in email further below from (likely):

CARBON sample SANS 61239-add was: 61217+61231+61239

can SANS 61240-add was: 61218+61232+61240

TK49 (This was harder to fathom as some sans runs are called _TRANS and vice versa! But from the journal, checking the number of spectra...)

sample SANS 61485-add was: (at least) 64179+64185 (possibly also +64191+64197) sample TRANS 64182-add was: (at least) 64176+64182 (possibly also +64188+64194)

can SANS 64184-add was: (at least) 64178+64184 (possibly also +64190+64196) can TRANS 64181-add was: (at least) 64175+64181 (possibly also +64187+64193)

direct beam 64180-add was: (at least) 64174+64180 (possibly also +64186+64192)

That ok?


From: Markvardsen, Anders (STFC,RAL,ISIS) Sent: 19 March 2012 09:49 To: King, Stephen (STFC,RAL,ISIS) Subject: FW: SANS System Tests - and another priority job!

Hi Steve,

Could I ask a few questions about the LOQ Mantid/COLETTE systemtests you sent a little while back.

Your attached zip file contains two subdirectories:

COLETTEAnalysis MANTIDAnalysis

I would like to reproduce the results (or parts of) in MANTIDAnalysis.

In this directory you have 4 .csv files. One of these is Reduce_Carbon_1D.csv:

sample_sans 61239-add sample_trans 61235 sample_direct_beam 61236 can_sans 61240-add can_trans 61236 can_direct_beam 61236 output_as MAN1D_2_Q

Another is Reduce_Standard_1D.csv:

sample_sans 64185-add sample_trans 64182-add sample_direct_beam 64180-add can_sans 64184-add can_trans 64181-add can_direct_beam 64180-add output_as MAN1D_1_Q

From which runs did you produce 61239-add, 61240-add, 64185-add, 64182-add, 64180-add, 64184-add and 64181-add. Or alternatively could you email me a copy of these added data files please (or put on babylon5)?

Thanks, Anders

From: King, Stephen (STFC,RAL,ISIS) Sent: 11 August 2011 17:07 To: Markvardsen, Anders (STFC,RAL,ISIS) Cc: King, Stephen (STFC,RAL,ISIS) Subject: SANS System Tests - and another priority job!


I have spent the day putting together some LOQ data for you to use for COLETTE comparison system(?) tests. Extract the attached using folder names.

/COLETTEAnalysis contains data reduced in COLETTE (and the script that generated it), our long established reduction VMS program for LOQ /MANTIDAnalysis is using SVN13869

.RKH and .txt are ASCII reduced data (written by SaveRKH). .XML are the same data written by SaveCanSAS1D.

Filenames starting COL… are from COLETTE, those starting MAN… from Mantid.

A _1_ in the filename means the sample ‘Standard’, and _2_ in the filename means the sample ‘Carbon’.

The comparisons for data from the main detector look very good.



King system tests.zip (850.6 KB) - added by Anders Markvardsen 8 years ago.
Steve files for systemtests

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