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Bug in workspace group 'similar names' code if suffixes don't count from _1

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Andrei says:

Yesterday I was working with Michael Reuter and we found a serious bug in the design/implementation of workspace groups. Suppose I get a workspace group A, as the output of FilterEvents, containing A_0, A_1, A_2, A_3 workspaces, and I want to normalize by proton charge. If the output of NormaliseByCurrent is set to B, the B group contains B_1, B_2, B_3, B_4. Note the shift in numbers. This shift causes problems if I happen to choose the output name to be A. For the first workspace A_0 will become A_1=A_0/PC. And A1 is going to be overwritten. By induction A2=A_0/PC2, A_3=A_0/PC3 and so on. So at my output I will get copies of A_0 divided by proton charge different number of times instead of individual workspaces divided ONCE by proton charge.

Is anyone willing to come up with a nice design so that this thing does not happen? I was thinking that just take the output name and append the individual workspace names, but if you run a lot of algorithms, you might get A_A_A_A_A_A_0, A_A_A_A_A_A_1, and so on. But this has the advantage that we can track the origin for each of the workspaces.

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The problem is that the code for trying to figure out if the workspaces have similar names (in Algorithm::checkGroups) only looks at what comes before a '_', and assumes that what comes after counts from 1 (as it does if you start out loading a multi-period ISIS file).

My first thought was that you could just check if input & output workspace names are set to the same thing, but this breaks down when you realise that there could be more than input and/or output.

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