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Backlog Release (12 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Resolution Created Modified
#8460 VSI Crash on Splatter Plot Federico M Pouzols blocker worksforme 15/11/13 04/06/15
#9685 CreateTransmissionWorkspace has no unit test Raquel Alvarez Banos major invalid 18/06/14 04/06/15
#9885 EQSANS: Issue with dQ after merging Mathieu Doucet major invalid 11/07/14 04/06/15
#5436 EQSANS: create workflow algorithms for live reduction Mathieu Doucet major wontfix 31/05/12 04/06/15
#10521 Mantid crashes when deleting group of workspaces Raquel Alvarez Banos major worksforme 10/11/14 04/06/15
#10641 Add proper shape types to CalcCorr UI Dan Nixon major wontfix 27/11/14 04/06/15
#11019 MonteCarloAbsorption crashes if sample has zero volume Dan Nixon major duplicate 05/02/15 04/06/15
#11882 WorkspaceFactory outputs invalid workspaces when child contains more spectra than parent Dan Nixon major fixed 02/06/15 04/06/15
#6057 Debian packages specify a dependency on boost 1.46.1 when Ubuntu 12.04 has v1.48 Ross Whitfield minor invalid 31/10/12 04/06/15
#9816 Fix issue with background no displaying with bundles created on OS X 10.8 Stuart Campbell minor wontfix 03/07/14 04/06/15
#9723 New Wiki look-and-feel improvements Martyn Gigg minor fixed 23/06/14 04/06/15
#7588 ORNL SANS interface instrument selection could use some validation Mathieu Doucet trivial wontfix 30/07/13 04/06/15

Release 3.5 Release (16 matches)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Resolution Created Modified
#11706 Colour maps in VSI Federico M Pouzols blocker fixed 07/05/15 04/06/15
#9848 Multiperiod reflectometry processing Owen Arnold critical fixed 09/07/14 04/06/15
#11683 ReflectometryReductionOne needs Integrated Monitor Switch Harry Jeffery critical fixed 01/05/15 04/06/15
#11888 Handle merge conflicts of two logs Anton Piccardo-Selg critical fixed 03/06/15 04/06/15
#9093 remove dependency on reduction folder from Inelastic Dan Nixon major fixed 26/02/14 04/06/15
#10100 Bring VATES for Horace users trainign cours on-line Alex Buts major fixed 12/08/14 04/06/15
#10587 Use the convertUnits algorithm in EnginX FitPeaks Federico M Pouzols major fixed 19/11/14 04/06/15
#10909 EnginX FitPeaks Output Federico M Pouzols major fixed 16/01/15 04/06/15
#10967 EnginX Calibrate Output Federico M Pouzols major fixed 27/01/15 04/06/15
#11157 IDR: Proper multiple facility support Dan Nixon major fixed 23/02/15 04/06/15
#11621 ISIS direct reduction does not remove backgound properly if workspace is not normalized Alex Buts major fixed 22/04/15 04/06/15
#11750 Add option to indirect diffraction to provide a PAR file for VESUVIO Dan Nixon major fixed 13/05/15 04/06/15
#11873 SplineInterpolation failure Dan Nixon major fixed 01/06/15 04/06/15
#11879 Running an algorithm on a workspace group with input and output set to the same name does not behave as expected Dan Nixon major fixed 01/06/15 04/06/15
#11883 Deprecate PerformIndexOperations Harry Jeffery major fixed 02/06/15 04/06/15
#8963 Hook new Save and Load Algorithms into ISIS reflectometry Harry Jeffery minor invalid 07/02/14 04/06/15

Release 3.7 Release (1 match)

Ticket Summary Owner Priority Resolution Created Modified
#11763 Test Ticket for Issue Migration Stuart Campbell major duplicate 14/05/15 04/06/15
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