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Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#8036 SaveNexusProcessed and LoadNexusProcessed changes masked detectors assigned Framework Backlog 27/09/13
#9273 Masking redesign - implementation new Framework Backlog 08/04/14
#9276 Resolution Convolution new Framework Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9278 Distributed model fitting new Framework Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9279 Fitting interface to 3rd party packages new Framework Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9282 Client Server Mantid Pilot - Usage of back end server resources new Framework Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9284 Web Based Mantid UI new GUI Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9285 VATES client Server new GUI Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9286 Units - Full handling and exchange of subunits new Framework Release 3.7 08/04/14
#9287 VATES Training Course - Write new Documentation Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9288 Mantid GUIs for Instrument Scientists Course - Write new Documentation Backlog 08/04/14
#9289 Technique specific i.e. Direct Inelastic interface Courses - support Writing new Documentation Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9296 Refactor complex GUI to use either Numpy or Mantid as a back-end new Reflectometry Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9297 Make complex GUI work for ISIS instruments new Reflectometry Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9298 Offspec tools sub project new Reflectometry Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9303 Unify Instrument calibration - across tubes and other det types new Diffraction Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9305 Planning tools (new) new Direct Inelastic Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9310 Create workflow Algorithms using graphical workflow tools - Investigate assigned GUI Release 3.6 08/04/14
#10006 Profile LoadISIS Nexus new Reflectometry Release 3.5 28/07/14
#10077 Check Code Documentation and add Usage Examples for 4 Crystal Algorithms new Documentation Release 3.5 06/08/14
#10597 Non-workspace output properties are not propogated from algorithms on workspace groups new Framework Backlog 19/11/14
#10951 Script Repository View Incorrect When New File Uploaded new GUI Release 3.5 23/01/15
#11202 Usage tracking of Algorithms new Framework Release 3.6 02/03/15
#11203 Usage tracking of Interfaces new Framework Release 3.6 02/03/15
#11225 Check Mantid Version on Startup new Framework Release 3.5 04/03/15
#11238 Interface to CASTEP new Direct Inelastic Release 3.6 04/03/15
#11240 Problems with international usage new Framework Release 3.5 04/03/15
#11247 Connection to modeling software (Direct) new Direct Inelastic Release 3.7 04/03/15
#11310 QuickNXS with support for different back ends new Reflectometry Release 3.5 10/03/15
#11311 QuickNXS with mantid back end new Reflectometry Release 3.5 10/03/15
#11313 Investigate defining purpose of a run during data capture new Framework Release 3.7 10/03/15
#11441 Interface to McPhase new Direct Inelastic Release 3.6 27/03/15
#11634 Integration does not work for event workspaces new Framework Release 3.5 24/04/15
#11716 CutMD in VSI can come back with zero data in it. new Framework Release 3.5 07/05/15
#11878 Move IPeak.cpp python export is in the wrong directory now new Framework Release 3.5 01/06/15
#7475 ConvertToDiffractionMDWorkspace V1 and V2 produce different Lorentz corrections assigned Framework Backlog 18/07/13
#7549 PeakIntensityVsRadius throws an error if parameter is < 0 assigned Framework Backlog 29/07/13
#7591 SANS: 1D Analysis Workspace Selector Issues assigned SANS Backlog 30/07/13
#7741 Python fit function attributes cannot be set from fit browser assigned Framework Backlog 13/08/13
#7747 Counter intuitive behaviour on 1D plots assigned GUI Backlog 13/08/13
#7753 Mantid window placement restoration not good when moving from dual->single monitor assigned GUI Backlog 14/08/13
#7903 Crash - Fitting data in plot with layers assigned GUI Backlog 10/09/13
#8007 Problems with WorkspaceGroup handling in live data algorithms assigned Framework Backlog 23/09/13
#8008 Unexpected behaviour when using new-style syntax in live python script assigned Framework Backlog 23/09/13
#8029 Issue with ConvertUnits assigned Framework Backlog 26/09/13
#8050 Analysis data service allows creation of a workspace group containing two copies of itself assigned Framework Backlog 30/09/13
#8051 InstrumentSelector generates bad signals when filtering by technique inprogress GUI Backlog 30/09/13
#8249 LoadCanSAS1D outputs workspace group with odd behaviour inprogress Framework Backlog 28/10/13
#8255 Plot details dialog doesn't change axis position assigned GUI Backlog 28/10/13
#8821 Load dialog: error asterisk in the wrong place assigned GUI Backlog 03/02/14
#8934 Inconsistent usage of IntArrayBoundedValidator in Python assigned Python Backlog 07/02/14
#9444 LoadEventNexus with filtering does not work on (some?) event Nexus runs new Framework Backlog 12/05/14
#9552 Investigate Instrument View Zoom Glitch new GUI Backlog 30/05/14
#9633 "GroupingWorkspace" property of SmoothData doesn't have a test new Framework Backlog 11/06/14
#2308 Split up the Algorithms package assigned Framework Backlog 27/01/11
#2479 DiffractionFocus moves towards the fold assigned Framework Backlog 17/02/11
#2906 Windows installer versions not quite right sometimes assigned Framework Backlog 05/05/11
#7241 Reduce usage of getDetectorIDToWorkspaceIndexMap(true) assigned Framework Backlog 04/06/13
#7431 Write transformed ub matrix in MantidEV assigned Framework Backlog 11/07/13
#7706 Allow the default colour map to be specified assigned Framework Backlog 08/08/13
#7897 Add pylint to the build system assigned Framework Backlog 09/09/13
#7942 Peak not displayed on top of background in fit plot window assigned GUI Backlog 13/09/13
#8139 Integrate RingProfile in SliceViewer assigned GUI Backlog 16/10/13
#8161 Expand IDF <locations> to work with <facing> assigned Framework Backlog 21/10/13
#8162 Better warnings mixing cartesian/spherical positions in IDF assigned Framework Backlog 21/10/13
#8203 Plot Properties Ux improvements assigned Framework Backlog 24/10/13
#8253 Scale dialog for 1D plots should show an error message assigned GUI Backlog 28/10/13
#8302 Sensible title of spectra plottered from several workspaces assigned Framework Backlog 30/10/13
#8303 3D surface plot options needs improvement assigned GUI Backlog 30/10/13
#8423 Rewrite the Atom class assigned Framework Backlog 11/11/13
#8424 Rewrite the MagneticIon class assigned Framework Backlog 11/11/13
#8521 Make LoadParameterFile access instrument in proper manner assigned Framework Backlog 27/11/13
#8696 Process bar reporting misleading when output lots of logging assigned Framework Backlog 13/01/14
#8856 LoadLiveData: Back out WorkspaceGroup-specific code once a general fix is in assigned Framework Backlog 03/02/14
#8874 Algorithm parameter dialogs have unnecessary buttons on the title bar assigned GUI Backlog 04/02/14
#9280 VATES publication quality plots new GUI Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9281 Instrument Control Implementation new Framework Release 3.6 08/04/14
#9309 Support for Triple Axis Spectrometry new Direct Inelastic Release 3.7 08/04/14
#9733 Algorithm properties should be able to accept unicode strings in python. new Python Backlog 24/06/14
#9820 CatalogDownloadDataFiles should indicate if archive search needs to be enabled new Framework Backlog 04/07/14
#9828 rst formatting in algorithm summary and property descriptions looks weird in tool tips new Documentation Backlog 07/07/14
#7473 Converge MD axis and Axis assigned GUI Backlog 18/07/13
#8175 Remove Deprecated Versions of LoadRaw and LoadISISNexus assigned Framework Backlog 22/10/13
#9674 class_maker.py should better support new versions of existing algorithms new Tools Backlog 18/06/14
#10024 Improve Spectrum Number, Workspace Index and Detector ID Lookup new Framework Backlog 30/07/14
#10025 Create ExtractSpectra Algorithm -- A More Generic Version of ExtractSingleSpectrum new Framework Backlog 30/07/14
#10071 Separate monitors into a subworkspace when loading live data. new Framework Backlog 06/08/14
#10087 Add a Python command to the mantidplot syntax to display a table workspace assigned GUI Backlog 08/08/14
#10193 Separate workspace validators into individual implementation files new Framework Release 3.5 29/08/14
#10229 Improve description of Processing Instructions in documentation of PerformIndexOperations new Documentation Backlog 11/09/14
#10325 Ability to plot a mini contour plot in a custom interface new GUI Backlog 08/10/14
#10337 CreateSampleShape does not appear in workspace history after successful run new Framework Backlog 10/10/14
#10448 Check that sfCalculator is taking into account new orientation of detector (and works properly) inprogress Reflectometry Backlog 28/10/14
#10506 Overlaying peaks assigned GUI Backlog 05/11/14
#10515 Fitting result changes depending on log level new Framework Backlog 07/11/14
#10544 Workspace comment and title fields changed via python are not persistent when saved and reloaded new Framework Backlog 12/11/14
#10651 Visualising Peaks with adaptiveQ = true new Diffraction Release 3.5 27/11/14
#10678 Save/LoadNexusProcessed does not load spectrum numbers correctly new Framework Backlog 04/12/14
#10726 Axis step value bug new GUI Backlog 09/12/14
#10728 Output workspace group created when an algorithm failed new Framework Release 3.5 09/12/14
#10744 Powder Diffraction Reduction UI not working on windows 7 64bit new Diffraction Release 3.5 10/12/14
#10751 Problems with python reading in file paths containing python escape characters new Framework Release 3.5 10/12/14
#10763 Project save button is still disabled after deleting a workspace new GUI Backlog 11/12/14
#10780 Exiting Mantid before it has fully loaded on Linux does not exit new Framework Backlog 12/12/14
#10783 A few issues with VSI new GUI Backlog 12/12/14
#10795 Direct convert to Energy interface Documentation out of date new Documentation Release 3.5 15/12/14
#10818 Send a screenshot automatically with Help->Report A Bug new GUI Backlog 17/12/14
#10831 Add parameter for angle to beam to FlatPlateAbsorption algorithm new Framework Release 3.5 18/12/14
#10864 Logarithmic scale not working in 3D plots new GUI Release 3.5 08/01/15
#10865 Old LoadXXX (LoadEventPreNexus, LoadAscii) need "previous versions" documentation and/or deprecation new Framework Release 3.5 08/01/15
#10877 Allow mantid C++ widgets to be used in Python interfaces new GUI Backlog 12/01/15
#10925 Selecting files in catalog search with large numbers of data files is incredibly slow new GUI Release 3.5 20/01/15
#10927 Instrument View - a few Python control commands not working new Python Backlog 20/01/15
#10941 A few SINQ classes don't have unit tests: SINQHMListener, SINQTranspose3D, PoldiPeakDetection2, ... PoldiLoadSpectra new Framework Backlog 22/01/15
#10994 Fix somewhat hidden warnings in doc tests new Documentation Release 3.5 29/01/15
#11018 Algorithm::setRethrows() is ignored for workspace groups. new Framework Backlog 05/02/15
#11103 Expose datetime in python new Python Backlog 17/02/15
#11108 VSI: crash when clicking Scale/Cut new GUI Backlog 17/02/15
#11135 IntegratePeaksMD work in HKL space new Diffraction Backlog 19/02/15
#11194 RefAxis wastes memory by calling NumericAxis constructor. new Framework Backlog 27/02/15
#11318 Bugfix: Set of cosmetic VSI fixes new Framework Backlog 11/03/15
#11367 Creating a new project when the script repository is updating crashes Mantid new Framework Backlog 16/03/15
#11491 Allow validateInputs to be unit tested on Python algorithms new Python Release 3.5 07/04/15
#11560 Show error bars in ALC new Muon Backlog 15/04/15
#11578 FABADA can segfault when fit is bad inprogress Framework Backlog 16/04/15
#11642 Step axis option issue new GUI Backlog 28/04/15
#11644 Empty graph after sequential fit new Framework Backlog 28/04/15
#11652 Crash when setting n=-1 for a polynomial fitting function new Framework Release 3.5 29/04/15
#11658 Printing isn't working with TiledWindow new GUI Backlog 30/04/15
#11739 Avoid potential visual glitch when switching between views and restoring previous state new GUI Release 3.5 11/05/15
#11760 Keep zoom state in the three slice view of the VSI new GUI Release 3.5 14/05/15
#11776 Slice/Line Viewer AddressSanitizer issue new GUI Release 3.5 15/05/15
#11778 VSI: render views are restored with wrong size when switching views after resizing the VSI window new GUI Release 3.5 18/05/15
#11781 MultiSliceViewer render view seems to be cut off at the bottom new GUI Release 3.5 18/05/15
#11815 Error message for loading PeaksWorkspace new Framework Release 3.5 20/05/15
#11845 Port maxEnt to Python from FORTRAN new Muon Release 3.7 26/05/15
#11849 Create clone functionality for MatrixWorkspaces new Framework Release 3.5 27/05/15
#1668 Workspace historys that contain xml often can't be run without modification assigned Framework Backlog 17/09/10
#7504 SmoothNeighbours is not working on some instruments assigned Framework Backlog 24/07/13
#7567 Changing axes scale causes graph to not be resized. assigned Framework Backlog 29/07/13
#7877 Possible Mantid Python API error assigned Python Backlog 05/09/13
#8307 Axis mismatch when saving/loading event data assigned Framework Backlog 31/10/13
#8339 Mask/Group Instrument View tools have a few problems assigned Framework Backlog 01/11/13
#8468 Have focus-stealing modal dialogs ignore "always on top" rule of other windows assigned GUI Backlog 18/11/13
#8866 Mantid ignores some windows colour scheme settings assigned GUI Backlog 04/02/14
#8873 Grabbing the plot on 2d and color plots assigned Framework Backlog 04/02/14
#9206 Segfault when trying to display an instrument without sample set assigned GUI Backlog 19/03/14
#9934 LoadSPE does not close (locks) opened spe files new Framework Backlog 16/07/14
#1537 Make axis views in Instrument view consistent with Viz programs assigned Framework Backlog 25/08/10
#2130 Display "axis(1)" values, when negative or a range assigned Framework Backlog 21/12/10
#7564 Long wait to delete files if many are loaded assigned GUI Backlog 29/07/13
#7584 Tree on RHS of Manage custom menus keeps closing when an item in moved assigned GUI Backlog 30/07/13
#7619 Create a Qt designer widget for the validator marker. assigned GUI Backlog 01/08/13
#7803 CreateSampleShape GUI needs the shape list reordering assigned Framework Backlog 22/08/13
#7804 CreateSampleShape GUI should have more validation assigned Framework Backlog 22/08/13
#8285 3d Plots can take a long time to process with no progress assigned Framework Backlog 29/10/13
#8297 3d plots don't obey the floating window preferences assigned Framework Backlog 30/10/13
#8298 Combine Plot Details and General Plot Options dialogs assigned GUI Backlog 30/10/13
#8453 Make sure that newly added layers are a sensible size assigned GUI Backlog 15/11/13
#8871 Zooming on 2d and color plots assigned Framework Backlog 04/02/14
#8982 Colour masked spectra in MantidMatrix assigned GUI Backlog 11/02/14
#8154 Manually running tests failed on ISIS Jenkins Win7 assigned Tools Backlog 18/10/13
#9975 Migrate Remaining Contents of the WorkflowAlgorithmsTest Project to System Tests new Framework Backlog 22/07/14
#10001 Improve code documentation in Rules.cpp new Documentation Backlog 28/07/14
#10164 Miniplot on Pick tab in Instrument view should display x axis units. new GUI Backlog 22/08/14
#10165 Display info when shapes are selected in Pick tab of Instrument view new GUI Backlog 22/08/14
#10445 InstrumentWindow should have a refresh/update method to change the instrument new GUI Backlog 28/10/14
#10446 SliceViewerWindow should have a refresh/update method to change the workspace data new GUI Backlog 28/10/14
#10645 Several Graph actions are missing from the tool bar new GUI Release 3.5 27/11/14
#10720 Imcompatible 2D and 3D plots new GUI Release 3.5 09/12/14
#10724 Rows added when changing entries in matrix new Framework Release 3.5 09/12/14
#10729 "Send to" is a bit hidden new Framework Backlog 09/12/14
#10733 Execution of a Python script cannot be terminated new GUI Backlog 09/12/14
#10735 Use standard naming for documentation pages new Documentation Backlog 09/12/14
#10754 Plot - Format Scales, Changing for left also modifies right new GUI Backlog 10/12/14
#10756 Table - Set Column Values Dialogue redundant options new GUI Backlog 10/12/14
#10764 Print All Plots gives an extra blank page new GUI Backlog 11/12/14
#10801 Switching plot normalisation mode overwrites user labels new GUI Backlog 15/12/14
#10851 Muon Data Analysis interface changes the visibility of the "Data Display" toolbar assigned Muon Release 3.5 06/01/15
#10867 Reduction GUI writes files in the home directory new Framework Release 3.5 09/01/15
#11172 Script result window wraps text for no reason new GUI Backlog 25/02/15
#11420 LoadMask: speed up and improve error message new Framework Release 3.5 23/03/15
#11423 Cannot delete plot legend with fit tool new GUI Backlog 24/03/15
#11604 LoadMD + FileBackEnd: error messages when ticking combinations of options new Framework Backlog 21/04/15
#11649 MuonAnalysis GUI: window resize is not constrained by and does not adjust the main widget size new Muon Backlog 29/04/15
#11660 Contour + colou fill isn't working with QtiPlot matrices. new GUI Backlog 30/04/15
#11669 WISH monitors in Live Data new Framework Backlog 30/04/15
#11670 Tables do not keep column information new GUI Backlog 30/04/15
#8451 Allow copy and pasting from TableWorkspace to fit property table assigned GUI Backlog 15/11/13
#7563 Cursor for the screen reader tool could use it's hitzone tweaked assigned GUI Backlog 29/07/13
#7595 ORNL SANS interface could use better error messages assigned Framework Backlog 30/07/13
#10625 Add copy/paste keyboard shortcuts in result logs window, algorithms->execute, and Fit-function table new GUI Backlog 24/11/14
#10725 View->Preferences: clarify whether changes take immediate effect or not new GUI Release 3.5 09/12/14
#10732 SaveNexus progress is not uniform new Framework Backlog 09/12/14
#10736 Table Column Statistics index naming new GUI Backlog 09/12/14
#10760 Inconsistency in way DGS Reduction handles non-entry of information new Direct Inelastic Release 3.5 11/12/14

Alex Buts (26 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#10076 He3TubeEfficiency crashes for some MAPS data assigned Framework Release 3.5 06/08/14
#11246 Harmonisation of data reduction within a facility and between facilities (ISIS + SNS) new Direct Inelastic Release 3.6 04/03/15
#11565 LoadInstrument does not overload existing IDF despite explicitly beeing asked to do so. assigned Framework Release 3.5 15/04/15
#9065 Bugs in Load with operations assigned Framework Backlog 20/02/14
#9422 LoadRaw fails if monitors are not in the file and separate monitor loading is requested. assigned Framework Backlog 07/05/14
#5982 Make u,v,w vectors in ConvertToMD fully functional assigned GUI Backlog 19/10/12
#6513 MDWS iterator & DiskBuffer performance assigned Framework Backlog 31/01/13
#6958 Enhance ConvertToMD interface. assigned GUI Backlog 29/04/13
#7100 MDBox: Better tracking for boxes to split assigned GUI Backlog 14/05/13
#7963 Remove MD Workspace Wrapper assigned Framework Backlog 18/09/13
#8013 Slice MD runs on events which make it slow (sometimes) assigned Framework Backlog 24/09/13
#8510 Refactor SaveMD/LoadMD/MergeMD files to use the same code and increase unit test coverage for this part of the code reopened Framework Backlog 25/11/13
#9272 Coverity warning assigned Framework Backlog 07/04/14
#5971 Compare ConvertToMD results with Horace scans inprogress GUI Backlog 17/10/12
#6689 Create an example cross section model that uses a lookup file. inprogress Direct Inelastic Backlog 11/03/13
#6919 Export FloatArrayProperty to python assigned Framework Backlog 23/04/13
#10214 LoadSQW will fail when loading sqw file with image not aligned with lab frame new Framework Backlog 08/09/14
#10291 Write SaveSQW algorithm new Framework Backlog 29/09/14
#10551 Introduce a cathegory of TestAlgorithm for algorithms used in testing and include appropriate algorithms there assigned Framework Backlog 13/11/14
#10893 Generic load throws unexpected exception if input file is event nexus and 'Inclue' option is provided for monitors assigned Framework Backlog 14/01/15
#11107 Direct reduction scripts should not set the default instrument assigned Direct Inelastic Backlog 17/02/15
#11799 Make system tests LoadSQW_FileBasedTest & LoadSQW_MemBasedTest run on at lease one platform assigned Framework Release 3.5 19/05/15
#11804 Make system test BuildSQWTest run on at least one platform assigned Framework Release 3.5 19/05/15
#5863 Use PropertyManager in MDWSDescription assigned GUI Backlog 14/09/12
#8027 ConvertToMD other dimensions enhancement assigned Framework Backlog 25/09/13
#8998 Allow ExtractSingleSpectrum to work with the spectumNum as well as with workspaceNum assigned Framework Backlog 12/02/14

Anders Markvardsen (25 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#7439 ConfigService getKeys returns removed values assigned Framework Backlog 12/07/13
#11223 Improve usability of fitting e.g. during calibration assigned Diffraction Release 3.6 04/03/15
#11224 Implement a mechanism for profile fitting assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 04/03/15
#11297 Discuss Improving the pipelining to fitting codes e.g. SASVIEW assigned SANS Release 3.5 10/03/15
#11301 Use of meta data to fill in field in GUIs. assigned SANS Release 3.6 10/03/15
#6298 Refactor IDF parser code assigned Framework Backlog 11/12/12
#6589 Refactor LoadInstrument assigned Framework Backlog 19/02/13
#6590 InstrumentDefinitionParser review assigned Framework Backlog 19/02/13
#7066 Limit the scope of Fit functions in IDF and parameter files assigned Framework Backlog 10/05/13
#7519 Create a quick start movie for Mantid assigned Documentation Backlog 25/07/13
#7914 Implement Poisson cost function for Mantid Fit assigned Framework Backlog 11/09/13
#8223 Systemtest for loading ISIS event Nexus with IDF assigned Framework Release 3.5 25/10/13
#8224 Systemtest for 'logfile' parameters in Nexus IDFs assigned Framework Release 3.5 25/10/13
#8697 Make sample and log loading more transparent in LoadISISNexus assigned Framework Backlog 13/01/14
#9054 Improve performance when multiple IDF for instrument assigned Framework Backlog 20/02/14
#9237 Allow more complex chopper IDF descriptions assigned Framework Backlog 31/03/14
#9770 Investigation for saving IDF into OFF or PLY format assigned Tools Backlog 27/06/14
#10108 Clear XMLInstrumentParameter history after params populated to workspace assigned Framework Release 3.5 13/08/14
#10127 Add description of the error propagation in some algorithms to existing error propagation description assigned Documentation Release 3.5 15/08/14
#10232 Create a develop page explaining how we maintain schemas assigned Documentation Release 3.5 11/09/14
#11106 Investigate multiple scattering with McStas assigned Framework Release 3.5 17/02/15
#11192 Get HRPD script running with new autoreduction new Tools Release 3.5 27/02/15
#11783 Add table of content to IDF documentation new Documentation Release 3.5 18/05/15
#11784 Add performance tests for fitting new Framework Release 3.5 18/05/15
#6183 Adjust existing definitions to use locations tag new Framework Backlog 19/11/12

Andrei Savici (30 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#1923 Improve GetEI for asymetric peak shapes assigned Framework Backlog 12/11/10
#4821 Matrix transform for MD workspaces assigned Framework Backlog 17/02/12
#9302 Crystal Plan implementation assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9304 Inelastic planning tools - Porting Chop functionality assigned Direct Inelastic Release 3.5 08/04/14
#9308 Include different resolution models for quantification assigned Direct Inelastic Release 3.7 08/04/14
#10773 Usage example and tests for MDNorm algorithms assigned Framework Release 3.5 11/12/14
#11853 Symmetrisation Operations Horace-like new Direct Inelastic Release 3.5 27/05/15
#8473 Return default nominal distance for empty HYSPEC instrument assigned Direct Inelastic Backlog 18/11/13
#3438 Algorithm to produce rebinned Angle vs Neutronic Unit for powder data assigned Framework Backlog 27/07/11
#4891 Add save algorithm for slice format assigned Framework Backlog 27/02/12
#4892 Add save algorithm for cut format assigned Framework Backlog 27/02/12
#5046 Allow specification of UBmatrix using a plane and one reflection assigned Framework Backlog 30/03/12
#5314 SliceViewer: make sliders pick the half-way point for single-bin dimensions assigned Framework Backlog 14/05/12
#5315 LineViewer: make sure the thicknesses of other dimensions get set assigned Framework Backlog 14/05/12
#5662 Integration error assigned Framework Backlog 30/07/12
#7236 SmoothByComponent assigned Framework Backlog 03/06/13
#7237 GroupByComponent assigned Framework Backlog 03/06/13
#7332 FindPeaksMD should work with data in hkl assigned Framework Backlog 20/06/13
#7479 ConvertToMD over subdivides assigned Framework Backlog 18/07/13
#7493 DGSReduction remote submission preparation assigned Framework Backlog 22/07/13
#5927 Add filename to run object assigned Framework Backlog 09/10/12
#10830 Improve efficiency, code quality and usability of MDNormDirectSC new Framework Backlog 18/12/14
#11615 DGSPlanner progress/cancel new GUI Release 3.5 21/04/15
#11788 Reduce pylint warnings new Framework Release 3.5 18/05/15
#11793 Reorganize EventWorkspace user documentation new Framework Release 3.5 18/05/15
#11823 Reduce pylint warnings in systemtests inprogress Python Release 3.5 21/05/15
#4822 Get goniometer angles from rotation matrix assigned Framework Backlog 17/02/12
#4823 Atom/Neutron Atom class improvements assigned Framework Backlog 17/02/12
#4846 LoadSQW: transform the coordinates from Q to the scaled 'hkl' assigned Framework Backlog 22/02/12
#9477 Expose copyExperimentInfos/ addExperimentInfo to python assigned Framework Backlog 15/05/14

Anton Piccardo-Selg (33 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#5611 SANS: Assess & rectify zero errors in ISIS SANS data assigned SANS Release 3.5 13/07/12
#11635 Frames and Axis issues new Framework Release 3.5 27/04/15
#11698 VSI help page new Framework Release 3.5 06/05/15
#9349 Extend "TRANS" Command To Allow "Beam Stop Out" Method inprogress SANS Release 3.5 17/04/14
#11258 TOF flux line lattice (slices & rotations) for superconductivity assigned SANS Release 3.7 04/03/15
#11530 Cut then Scale new Framework Release 3.5 13/04/15
#11707 Slice increments on the three slice view are too large assigned Framework Release 3.5 07/05/15
#11745 Allow multiperiod event (LARMOR) data to be read by ISIS SANS GUI new Framework Release 3.5 12/05/15
#11816 Fix: delete the peaks table when switching from Scatterplot to Standard new GUI Release 3.5 20/05/15
#11860 Create OverlayEventWorkspace algorithm new SANS Release 3.5 27/05/15
#8308 SystemTests for SANS2D assigned SANS Backlog 31/10/13
#9347 Allow the Specification of User Files in Batch Files inprogress SANS Release 3.5 17/04/14
#10050 Merge in Tube Calibration Changes from Richard assigned SANS Backlog 04/08/14
#10631 Bugfix: Issue with deleting active source with multiple workspaces in the VSI assigned GUI Release 3.5 25/11/14
#10640 Bugfix: Inconsistency of view buttons for multiple workspaces in the VSI assigned Framework Release 3.5 27/11/14
#10879 Feature: Integrate changes to the VSI to be compatible with PV 3.98.1 and PV 4.2 assigned Framework Release 3.5 12/01/15
#10918 BugFix: Nexus loader issue assigned Framework Release 3.5 19/01/15
#10947 BugFix: Observer issue of AlgorithmProxy new Framework Backlog 22/01/15
#11074 Improve Quadview axes and labelling assigned GUI Release 3.5 12/02/15
#11213 Hard to find mask files with .txt estension new SANS Release 3.5 03/03/15
#11317 Feature: Improve speed of ConvertToMD unit test new Framework Backlog 11/03/15
#11320 Initial Splitting Follow on Fixes new Framework Release 3.5 11/03/15
#11331 Bugfix: Ghost image in 4D SliceMD with Scale filter in the VSI new GUI Backlog 12/03/15
#11415 ISIS SANS GUI enhancement to Diagnostics Tab assigned SANS Backlog 20/03/15
#11448 Feature: Add CutMD option for rebinning in the VSI new Framework Release 3.5 30/03/15
#11487 Plotting a SANS transmission gives the wrong Y axis label new SANS Release 3.5 07/04/15
#11566 Reimplement the splatterplot source as a true source and not a filter. new GUI Backlog 16/04/15
#11606 Stop Reduction with Visible Error if SANS2DTUBES Not Selected new SANS Backlog 21/04/15
#11608 System Tests for LARMOR new SANS Backlog 21/04/15
#11837 ISIS Sans GUI Introduce mechanism to launch the "raw data view" new SANS Release 3.5 26/05/15
#11839 Stitching of data sets at different instrumental configurations new SANS Release 3.7 26/05/15
#5380 SANS: Algorithm for to interface with external user FLL software assigned SANS Backlog 22/05/12
#11598 Check if there's nothing to display before saving a screenshot in the VSI new GUI Release 3.5 20/04/15

Anyone (105 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#6949 Label tool: Auto Labels do not work assigned Framework Backlog 29/04/13
#8219 Bug in workspace group 'similar names' code if suffixes don't count from _1 assigned Framework Backlog 24/10/13
#8476 Windows Installer Clean-up assigned Tools Backlog 19/11/13
#11571 Optimise FileLoaderRegistry::chooseLoader new Framework Release 3.5 16/04/15
#3737 Stability of CreateSampleShape GUI inprogress Framework Backlog 19/09/11
#4065 Instrument window in Mac version assigned Framework Backlog 07/11/11
#6950 Label tool: Does not allow labels on qtiplot graphs assigned Framework Backlog 29/04/13
#8240 SaveIsawPeaks for non-rectangular detectors assigned Framework Backlog 28/10/13
#9692 MacOS crash new Framework Backlog 19/06/14
#9695 Plotting mac issue new Framework Backlog 19/06/14
#9818 CatalogManager const references need refactoring new Framework Backlog 04/07/14
#9825 ConvertToMD performance assigned Framework Backlog 04/07/14
#2901 Default "defaultsave.directory" on Mac is inaccessable assigned Framework Backlog 05/05/11
#3739 Ship include files separately assigned Framework Backlog 19/09/11
#3863 More options for history generation assigned Framework Backlog 28/09/11
#4469 Further work on error bars assigned MantidPlot Backlog 11/01/12
#4563 Add option to keep angles fixed, to FindUBUsingLatticeParameters assigned Framework Backlog 19/01/12
#5183 Mac installer should be an app bundle assigned Framework Backlog 30/04/12
#5311 Enable SaveMask() to support MaskWorkspace with grouped detectors assigned Framework Backlog 11/05/12
#5573 Add a label tool to add text labels to 1D graphs assigned Framework Backlog 05/07/12
#5818 Motor postions for SNAP assigned Framework Backlog 30/08/12
#6450 Mantiplot: Add text tool does not work on qtiplot graphs assigned MantidPlot Backlog 28/01/13
#6474 FakeEventData listener does not generate ws with correct x-values and lacks any description assigned Framework Backlog 29/01/13
#6797 Modify the AnalysisDataService to hold more than just Workspaces assigned Framework Backlog 28/03/13
#6989 Improve automatic scaling for 3d plots assigned MantidPlot Backlog 02/05/13
#7389 TestViewer assigned Framework Backlog 02/07/13
#7935 OutputWorkspace should appear as optional argument in python function signature assigned Python Backlog 13/09/13
#8102 Integration Test in ExperimentInfoTest assigned Framework Backlog 09/10/13
#8517 Graph Templates in Mantid assigned GUI Backlog 26/11/13
#9482 No test XML for PythonInterfaces python tests assigned Framework Backlog 16/05/14
#6899 The Axis base class is missing a unit test suite assigned Framework Backlog 22/04/13
#7632 Create a dynamic binned MDEventWorkspace with different coordinate basis assigned Framework Backlog 01/08/13
#10036 User suggestion for Binary Operations Compatiblility new Framework Backlog 01/08/14
#10067 Refactor function python API new Python Backlog 06/08/14
#11764 Sliceviewer intensity incorrect after rebin new GUI Release 3.5 15/05/15
#11863 TofConverter new Framework Backlog 28/05/15
#11864 FilterEvents UI new Framework Backlog 28/05/15
#888 Contour lines: Pen - use Table Custom Pen does not work assigned Framework Backlog 16/09/09
#910 Plot legend placement in MantidPlot assigned Framework Backlog 25/09/09
#3817 Set column values in Tables crashes MantidPlot if the formula uses the column you are filling in assigned MantidPlot Backlog 22/09/11
#3831 Progress bar text doesn't show up on the Mac assigned MantidPlot Backlog 22/09/11
#4419 Load dialog box partially unresponsive after inability to acces a file has been reported by load alg. assigned MantidPlot Backlog 09/01/12
#4717 ConjoinWorkspaces: validateInputs is not called for event workspaces assigned Framework Backlog 01/02/12
#5049 Python Script Output window cannot be copied and pasted assigned Framework Backlog 02/04/12
#5063 Look into wrong instrument display using remote desktop (VPN) assigned MantidPlot Backlog 04/04/12
#5755 "Drag and Drop" Plotting Only Works When There is a Curve Present assigned MantidPlot Backlog 14/08/12
#5899 VTP on shared drive. assigned Framework Backlog 03/10/12
#5952 Workspace list shows invisible workspaces when next visible is created assigned Framework Backlog 12/10/12
#6084 Apply button does not work on setting workspace colour assigned Framework Backlog 02/11/12
#6127 Multiple Mantids on Windows cannot write to the log file assigned Framework Backlog 14/11/12
#6205 Separate non-algorithm objects that log in algorithms don't observe the setLogging flag assigned Framework Backlog 19/11/12
#6549 MantidPlot GUI does not allow space character in table workspace column name assigned Framework Backlog 11/02/13
#8636 An algorithm instance is created many times when bringing up an algorithm dialog inprogress Framework Backlog 18/12/13
#8822 3D Plotting can fail to plot with poor/sparse data assigned GUI Backlog 03/02/14
#9947 Mantid can crash when clearing memory with an algorithm dialog open new Framework Backlog 16/07/14
#804 Delete workspace from ADS before algorithm starts if it will be replaced anyway assigned Framework Backlog 07/08/09
#2052 Improve unit test for ConvertToMatrixWorkspace assigned Framework Backlog 10/12/10
#2491 Xming can't handle instrument view assigned Framework Backlog 18/02/11
#2492 Duplicate window doesn't work with graphs assigned Framework Backlog 18/02/11
#2508 Improve use of polymorphism in the Axis classes assigned Framework Backlog 18/02/11
#2834 postscript generation issues assigned Framework Backlog 15/04/11
#2927 Windows Installer Space Requirements assigned Framework Backlog 06/05/11
#3013 Annotating workspace names in the list assigned MantidPlot Backlog 13/05/11
#3093 Mantidplot Preferences: allow the font size for scripting/interpreter to be set assigned MantidPlot Backlog 26/05/11
#3103 Can casting be avoided when setting properties? assigned Framework Backlog 27/05/11
#3181 Tool to trim the length of event NeXus files assigned Tools Backlog 14/06/11
#3479 Colormap selection should be clearer assigned Framework Backlog 03/08/11
#3651 Progress arrow in script window assigned Framework Backlog 31/08/11
#3763 Dynamic property validation assigned Framework Backlog 20/09/11
#3764 Add the concept of an 'advanced' property that can by default be hidden in the GUI assigned MantidPlot Backlog 20/09/11
#3781 Plot Guess should result in chi-squared being displayed assigned GUI Backlog 21/09/11
#3815 3D plot: Seems to be a layer stuck on top of everything assigned Framework Backlog 22/09/11
#4132 Import the curves preferences dialog from QtiPlot assigned MantidPlot Backlog 16/11/11
#4378 Allow skipping drawn symbols via plot settings dialog assigned MantidPlot Backlog 30/12/11
#4410 Improve memory usage for LoadNXSPE assigned Framework Backlog 08/01/12
#4523 WorkspaceObserver improvement assigned MantidPlot Backlog 17/01/12
#4710 Change the drop out time for when a network is down. assigned Framework Backlog 01/02/12
#4736 TofEvent and related: rename "TOF" to something more general like "X" assigned Framework Backlog 03/02/12
#4759 ParameterMap: Speed up the way masked detectors are recorded (?) assigned Framework Backlog 07/02/12
#5033 GroupDetectors should be cleverer with file type assigned Framework Backlog 28/03/12
#5057 EventWorkspace: Plus operation: use merge sort when possible assigned Framework Backlog 03/04/12
#5072 LiveData GUI: enable auto-completion in ScriptEditor assigned MantidPlot Backlog 05/04/12
#5073 GUI/Squish test for AlgorithmPropertiesWidget assigned Framework Backlog 05/04/12
#5291 Import qtiplot's functionality for adding shapes to plots assigned MantidPlot Backlog 08/05/12
#5356 SaveMD with UpdateFileBackEnd does not update the algorithm history assigned Framework Backlog 17/05/12
#5607 Add a way to see why a workspace is not valid for an algorithm assigned MantidPlot Backlog 12/07/12
#6076 MultiFileNameParser constructor is run alot on startup assigned Framework Backlog 01/11/12
#7146 Live data plugin for watching modified files assigned Framework Backlog 20/05/13
#7368 The ImageView should be deleted when the workspace is deleted. assigned GUI Backlog 26/06/13
#7765 Refactor GroupDetectors2 inprogress Framework Backlog 16/08/13
#7885 Change response to trying to save MDWS using save nexus assigned GUI Backlog 06/09/13
#8035 Instances of AxesDialog aren't being disposed of efficently assigned GUI Backlog 26/09/13
#8040 Remove TestViewer assigned Framework Backlog 27/09/13
#8262 Keyboard delete shortcut assigned Framework Backlog 28/10/13
#8687 PhysicalConstants isn't exported to python API assigned Python Backlog 09/01/14
#8854 Fit function usability assigned GUI Backlog 03/02/14
#3020 Signature of XDataConverter::getNewXSize assigned Framework Backlog 13/05/11
#3753 Complete VectorHelperTest assigned Framework Backlog 19/09/11
#3833 Review implementation of 'contour + color fill' plotting option assigned MantidPlot Backlog 22/09/11
#4450 Uninstall in windows leaves files on the disk assigned MantidPlot Backlog 11/01/12
#10045 Crop workspace limits new Framework Backlog 01/08/14
#916 3D polygon plot is centred in the window assigned Framework Backlog 25/09/09
#4392 ApplicationWindow::clone doesn't work for Mantid object assigned MantidPlot Backlog 04/01/12
#6269 Read the new 'comments' log in ADARA-generated event nexus files assigned Framework Backlog 03/12/12
#4120 Reduce dependencies feeding into Algorithm base class assigned Framework Backlog 14/11/11

Dan Nixon (32 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#11241 Enhance Bayesian analysis (Indirect) assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 04/03/15
#11242 Conversion of Indirect Fortran routines assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.6 04/03/15
#6470 [C2E] - Calibration tab doesn't work for event data assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 28/01/13
#9602 Update Algorithms with proper usage examples assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 06/06/14
#5012 [IDA] Elwin - Allow User to Specify Range of Files reopened Indirect Inelastic Backlog 22/03/12
#5412 [Indirect] - Multiple Scattering assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 24/05/12
#6971 TOSCA sample position correction algorithm inprogress Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 01/05/13
#8738 [IndirectBayes] QLWater assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 22/01/14
#8907 IDA FuryFit: Merge FuryFit and FuryFitMult assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 07/02/14
#9178 Swap SofQWMoments to use kernel statistics assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 13/03/14
#9443 WorkspaceProperty isDefault Issue assigned Framework Backlog 12/05/14
#9986 TOSCA finds bad nexus files in archive search assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 24/07/14
#10009 NCS: Add option to fit directly in y-space assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 28/07/14
#10010 NCS: Add option for a multi-variate Gaussian fit. assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 28/07/14
#10011 Vesuvio GUI development inprogress Indirect Inelastic Backlog 28/07/14
#10580 IDA: Option to plot fit in Q or Q^2 assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 19/11/14
#10807 Improve file name logging in indirect data reduction/analysis inprogress Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 16/12/14
#10961 Find a faster way to read instrument parameters assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 26/01/15
#11150 Investigate why OSIRIS fury fit test fails on OSX assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 20/02/15
#11430 Create an algorithm to save a series of contour plots as a video reopened Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 25/03/15
#11431 Create some basic reduction scripts for users assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 25/03/15
#11484 Clean up the old indirect absorption correction code inprogress Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 07/04/15
#11581 Move ConvFit Python code to UI assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 16/04/15
#11703 New ResNorm fitting algorithm inprogress Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 06/05/15
#11729 Move IqtFit Python code to UI assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 08/05/15
#11735 Calling MergeRuns on a WorkspaceGroup gives an error assigned Framework Backlog 11/05/15
#11805 Add StretchedExpFT function to IDA ConvFit assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 19/05/15
#11831 Allow ConvFit to be used with any of the Quasielastic fit functions assigned Indirect Inelastic Backlog 22/05/15
#11885 ElasticWindowMultiple has no doc test inprogress Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 02/06/15
#8236 [Indirect] Plotting in python scripts. assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 25/10/13
#8503 MantidMatrix cleanup inprogress GUI Backlog 21/11/13
#10757 When switching between algorithms in S(Q,w) assigned Indirect Inelastic Release 3.5 10/12/14

Federico M Pouzols (38 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#9277 Distributed Algorithms - Sites other than ORNL assigned Framework Release 3.5 08/04/14
#10978 Documentation of the tomographic reconstruction system for IMAT inprogress Documentation Release 3.5 27/01/15
#11713 plotMD issue new GUI Release 3.5 07/05/15
#7943 Add a non weighted cost function inprogress Framework Release 3.5 13/09/13
#8368 Engin-X - Umbrella Ticket inprogress Diffraction Release 3.5 05/11/13
#9788 Script for GSAS EnginX analysis assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 01/07/14
#10027 Investigate why sometimes fitting results depend on the platform assigned Framework Release 3.5 30/07/14
#10226 Improve IDF file(s) for IMAT assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 10/09/14
#10619 LoadEventNexus (+ LoadNexusMonitors and other LoadNexus...) cleaning/maintenance inprogress Framework Release 3.5 21/11/14
#10696 IMAT auto reduction FITS -> NXTomo assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 05/12/14
#10907 EnginXFitPeaks expected Peak analysis problem assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 16/01/15
#10910 Improve EnginX expectedPeaks loading for all EnginX algorithms inprogress Diffraction Release 3.5 16/01/15
#10935 Design Python plotting command line interface for the VSI inprogress Python Release 3.5 21/01/15
#10969 Bank interpretation on EnginX Algorithms assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 27/01/15
#10975 Clarify issues with static methods in LoadEventNexus being used by other algorithms assigned Framework Release 3.5 27/01/15
#11041 Create fast code to add FITS image files into an NXtomo file assigned Framework Release 3.5 09/02/15
#11193 Modify the IMAT tomography reconstruction GUI, follow the MVP pattern, and write unit tests assigned GUI Release 3.5 27/02/15
#11361 Update documentation of remote algorithms when they become general assigned Documentation Release 3.5 13/03/15
#11373 FacilityInfo: delete getRemoteJobManager and rearrange RemoteJob related stuff assigned Framework Release 3.5 16/03/15
#11468 User documentation for compute resources in the Facilities file new Documentation Release 3.5 01/04/15
#11538 Modify IMAT GUI to use remote algorithms v2 instead of SCARFTomoReconstruction inprogress Framework Release 3.5 14/04/15
#11543 Design an ImageStack workspace or similar new Framework Release 3.5 14/04/15
#11588 Add Vanadium consideration into EnginX algorithms assigned Diffraction Release 3.5 20/04/15
#11639 Create a 'stack of images' viewer new GUI Release 3.5 28/04/15
#11737 Add new signals for the VSI coloring options inprogress Framework Release 3.5 11/05/15
#11770 Create mock up for the first version of the ENGIN-X GUI inprogress GUI Release 3.5 15/05/15
#11771 Save calibration file for ENGIN-X (output from EnginXCalibrateFull) new Diffraction Release 3.5 15/05/15
#11772 Make first version of ENGIN-X GUI new Diffraction Release 3.5 15/05/15
#11773 ENGIN-X: define what exact .par file to produce from EnginXCalibrate new Diffraction Release 3.5 15/05/15
#11791 Reduce coverity warnings inprogress Framework Release 3.5 18/05/15
#11862 Change the EnginXCalibrateFull algorithm to apply the calibration to the input workspace new Framework Release 3.5 28/05/15
#5805 Trying to load a bad file causes a segfault inprogress Framework Release 3.5 27/08/12
#7587 REFM Reduction doesn't time out or report errors vocally inprogress Framework Backlog 30/07/13
#9427 In InstrumentDefinitionParser: use of atoi and boost::lexical_cast consistent inprogress Framework Backlog 08/05/14
#10695 SaveNXTomoTest - Uncomment test assertions assigned Framework Release 3.5 05/12/14
#10755 Menu items under File->Recent files fail to work where entries are multiple files assigned GUI Backlog 10/12/14
#11180 Remove ugly #ifdef in LoadSavuTomoConfigTest when osx 10.8 extinguishes from our CI inprogress Framework Backlog 25/02/15
#10890 Framework/Doxygen/Mantid.doxyfile: XML_SCHEMA and XML_DTD options are obsolete assigned Documentation Release 3.5 14/01/15

Freddie Akeroyd (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#2316 Wiki PediaPress Plugin - TeX formulas missing assigned Tools Backlog 28/01/11

Garrett Granroth (1 match)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#11232 Live data roll out acrosss more SNS instruments assigned Diffraction Release 3.6 04/03/15

Harry Jeffery (13 matches)

Ticket Summary Status Component Milestone Created
#10915 BigTableData Design. inprogress Reflectometry Release 3.5 16/01/15
#10916 Generalisation of scaling factors assigned Reflectometry Release 3.5 16/01/15
#11685 Polynomial Transmission Correction new Reflectometry Release 3.5 01/05/15
#8256 Sub/super-script formatting isn't working for titles in 3D plots reopened GUI Backlog 28/10/13
#2536 Improve project saving/loading to the .mantid file - Fitting assigned Framework Backlog 24/02/11
#10501 Generate getter design for WorkspaceGroups assigned Reflectometry Backlog 05/11/14
#10503 Implement WorkspaceGroup getters assigned Reflectometry Backlog 05/11/14
#10586 Polynomial for Transmission Correction assigned Reflectometry Release 3.5 19/11/14
#10588 Log messages for both GUIs assigned Reflectometry Backlog 19/11/14
#10655 Verify polarization correction behaves correctly in new refl UI assigned GUI Release 3.5 28/11/14
#10906 QuickNXS: Optimise out getIxyt inprogress Reflectometry Release 3.5 16/01/15
#11181 Transfer xml workflow diagrams to dot assigned Direct Inelastic Backlog 25/02/15
#11648 Systemtest for using IntegrateMDHistoWorkspace in the LineViewer assigned Framework Release 3.5 29/04/15
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